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iquotetheravennevermore asked:

could you pretty please do some five x gatlocke art or possibly a fic?

I had a lot of trouble trying to answer ya from my tablet before. Sorry, but yeah here’s a little sketch. I’m not much of a writer.


I’m sure eventually I’ll find the time to do some proper drawings of these two, but alas for the moment I am busy with an RP blog and doing fanart for my ultimate otp. It was fun drawing Gatlocke again though I miss him. :)

I forgot I even had this side blog woah. I haven’t updates this one in ages.

You honestly might be better off watching for any new art on my more recent DA though. Right now it’s full of Dreamworks dorks but I’m gonna be adding some Gen Rex stuff there soon. (X)

Here, have self-loathing Caesar with a crappy background on the side.

Oh yeah great move there Alice, playing with colored linearts and shit on serious pieces…awesome.

Anyways, I imagine Caesar would feel like shit after everything that’s happened, being disowned by his bro and all.

He’s probably blame himself for all of this, which is all his fault for being shady as fuck, and feel bad if it weren’t for VK being an asshole and probably doing something to him.

I love the guy, but damn, he’s so shady it’s annoying.

I very much had to limit myself to a 1000x1000 canvas or I’d be drawing Gatlocke forever.

Gatlocke has hella long legs, like a fucking spider. Daddy long legs over here couldn’t be ignored. So he has woman hips and super longs legs…he should be a model.

The singing one is because when Gatlocke mentioned if that one kid could sing because his soprano drove his motorcycle off a cliff made me wonder if Gatlocke’s gang has like karaoke night or sings showtunes or something weird.

I’d actually love to hear Gatlocke sing, I almost hoped he would, Greg Ellis has a gorgeous voice. (He was in theater at one point~)

That kitty there, is James. GRtwitter Gatlocke’s cat. I made a correlation between Gatty and Kitties long ago!

Cute little Gatlocke is probably my favorite. This is all I saw when Gatlocke told valve, “You’re my favorite kitty cat! Mrow~” I just saw cuteness.

I’ll just go take my Gatlocke fangirling somewhere else now…

Yesterday I believe, a conga song came onto my dash and I said I would draw a Salazar conga line, so I did.
Rafael’s got a little face going there. The boys had to get their charm from somewhere, amiright?

I could not get the posing to work at all so I pulled a random drawing style outta nowhere.

I’m not sure what I was doing when drawing Violeta, but I like it. Break the chain!

Yeah…despite its sketchy awfulness this actually took forever.

I’ll just go now.

My stupidity thrown on a page. I had to find some way to combine my 2 favorite things in the world.

Mixed up the Ramses and Nate scene from Uncharted 3 and put in Gatlocke and Rex from Generator Rex.

Ramses just reminded me so much of Gatlocke when he said “I’m also a businessman”
I lost it.
I changed the dialogue to fit him more, and I realize Rex is awesome and could totally get out of that but for this let’s assume his bios flat lined and he’s helpless.
btw: best side views I’ve done, like ever.

Just adding something to my list of things to finish later.

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